Collapsible Plywood box Packaging

Nail Less Plywood Box – Collapsible     1

This box assembly usually consists of six parts. The parts are assembled together to made a box unit.

It comprises of a bottom , top and a pair of Sides & Ends  not joined together delivered separately. The sides and ends are then interlocked on the base with the help of a High Strength Galvanized Steel to provide the strength to the box.

This box is commonly known as the Six Piece type box or some times also known as Buckle Box.


  • Clean surfaces reducing the risk of the scratches on the product.
  • Light in weight as compared to the cleat box. So you can deliver more quantity in the same size of the box very less volume weight.
  • Suitable for air cargo’s by reducing the overall expenses on the product.
  • Strong, Robust and Hard to break.
  • Load is being transferred to the pallet very efficiently by distributing the load on corners uniformly making the box strong.
  • Reduces the cost of transportation.
  • PLC Machines are used for the precise cutting of the steel strips used for the consistency in the product.
  • Galvanized Steel is used to protect it from rusting.
  • The ROHS compliant steel & plywood can be used according to the customer’s specification.
  • Eliminating the use of wood in the box assures the product compatibility with Phyto-Sanitary regulations incorporated with ISPM-15 standards.
  • Suitable for all form of light weight to heavy products.
  • Highly precision products ensure the consistency in product.

Quick Details:

  • Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: Plywood
  • Industrial Use: Tool
  • Feature: Recyclable
  • Printing Handling: Screen
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Gurgaon,India
  • Brand Name: Punj Pack
  • Model Number: Type A
  • Category:Collapsible / Foldable  Plywood Box
  • Main Configuration:plywood and  galvanized steel strip

Packaging delivery:

As per clients’ requiement,we will design the appropriate size to meet you need according to your request.