Pallet Collars

 type d

Use pallet collars to create your own custom export packaging:

These strong and durable wooden pallet collars and lids fit on standard pallets and are a great way of storing and dispatching goods. You can build them to just the height you need. They also reduce the risk of manual handling injuries, by allowing the sides of the container to be adjusted gradually as products are placed inside, thus eliminating the need to bend over high bin sides. Supplied with hinges on the corners, so they can fold flat when not in use, our euro pallet collars are also heat treated to meet phytosanitry regulations, making them an ideal choice for export. Please note that the 9mm thick plywood lids, also heat treated to meet ISPM15 standard and with batterns on the underside, are supplied separately. Pallet collars are most often used in the transportation of components for industrial goods. With pallet collars you can build up containers of diverse heights. Pallet collars solve the long-term need for transportation packaging that suits the transport of different sizes of products at different times.

Advantages of pallet collars: 

  • ISPM 15 compliant
  • The hinges locate on top of the collar below creating a box
  • Height tailored to your requirement.
  • Suitable for block stacking-fully optimising your vehicle space
  • Complies to health and safety requirements as the product is fully contained
  • Easy to use very strong and durable
  •  Long working life
  • Prevents spillage and damage of goods
  • They can be stored flat when not in use saving valuable space

4 galvanized hinges per collar each hinge is 1.25 mm thick

Sides Planed  Pinewood, 19mm in thickness

Height of pallet collars: 195mm


  • Pallet collars can be built up around product size. The length and width of the wooden collars is according the dimension of pallet, and the layer number of pallet is based on the height of the goods, wooden collars increase the utilization ratio of its space maximally.
  • It evidently reduces the risk of manual handling injury during the loading and unloading process due to the No-Nailed Operation.
  • The wooden collar can be folded into double-deck or four-deck joint blocks during transportation,which reduces the storage volume and cut down the transport cost greatly.
  • The whole system is strong enough to support top loading and it is widely used to pack fragile objects,pressure-sensitive products and valuables.Lateral partitions separate products minimize crushing and ensure security of valuable products.Most importantly,it can be re-engage quickly and it has the trend to replace carton box and shrink-wrap packaging.

Quick Details:

  •  Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: Plywood
  • Industrial Use: Tool
  • Feature: Recyclable
  • Printing Handling: Screen
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Gurgaon,India
  • Brand Name: Punj Pack
  • Model Number: Type D

Packaging delivery:

As per clients’ requiement,we will design the appropriate size to meet you need according to your request.

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